Lymphedema Prevention

Lymphedema Prevention

Lymphedema After Cancer

Cancer-related lymphedema is a condition that can result from surgical, radiation, and chemotherapy treatments for some cancers including:
• Breast cancer
• Melanoma
• Pelvic area cancers

Lymphedema can cause the following symptoms:
• Swelling in your arms, hands, fingers, legs or feet
• A feeling of heaviness or tightness
• Your arm, hand, leg, or foot is hard to move
• Clothes, rings, watches, or shoes feel tight

If lymphedema is left untreated:
• It can lead to infection
• It can become a life-long condition

Stage 0


Lymphatic system is blocked, setting the stage for fluid build-up

Stage 1

Pitting Edema

Fluid build-up causes swelling; some pitting may appear on the skin

Stage 2


The affected limb becomes hard and increases in size

Stage 3


The affected limb becomes very large and misshapen and the skin looks like leather


The Lymphedema Prevention Program follows three steps to find early signs of lymphedema and stop it from getting worse.


After cancer treatment you will be tested for lymphedema during your follow-up visits using the L-Dex® score on the SOZO® device.


If your L-Dex score increases above normal levels, your healthcare provider will evaluate you for early signs of lymphedema.


Your healthcare provider will prescribe the treatment that best fits your condition. For early lymphedema, this may include at-home treatment with compression garments.

L-Dex Score

The L-Dex score helps your healthcare provider know if you are getting lymphedema before you feel any signs or symptoms. It is measured using the SOZO device. A normal L-Dex score is between -10 and +10. Your L-Dex score may be measured before cancer treatment begins to figure out normal L-Dex score for you.

L-Dex Score


The SOZO device is used to measure your L-Dex score. It looks like a scale, but it has places for you to put your hands and feet. You will not feel the SOZO test and it only takes 30 seconds to complete.

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Press Release

ImpediMed Limited, a global provider of medical technology to non-invasively measure, monitor and manage tissue composition and fluid status using bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS), today announced a collaboration with the LIVE Today Foundation. The partnership involves activities that reflect a joint mission of improving awareness and access to care for cancer patients in the U.S. who are at risk of developing lymphedema or are struggling with it today. ImpediMed will provide support to the foundation for the purchase and distribution of lymphedema compression garments to underserved patients as well as help to develop and implement educational programs for physicians and patients. To read more about our partnership with ImpediMed Limited click here or click the button below.