Dr. Sheri teaches breast cancer survivors how to
LIVE Today, even with LYMPHEDEMA!

Lymphedema affects approximately 10 million Americans – more than muscular dystrophy, ALS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and AIDS combined; and hundreds of millions worldwide.

 1 Minorities, in particular, suffer the effects of healthcare disparities in treatment, post-operative care, 2 and ability to pay for services.

Patients with lymphedema have significantly decreased quality of life because of persistent pain, recurrent infections, and swelling that can progress to gigantic proportion and gross disfigurement. Lymphedema has no cure.

Treatment is most effective using compression garments, which minimize swelling and control pain. Most over-the-counter compression garments don’t fit properly and are uncomfortable, unattractive, and unaffordable …

unless you roll with Dr. Sheri!

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