The LIVE Today Foundation

is the only nonprofit whose mission is to provide
to survivors with lymphedema.

The LIVE Today Show

Our premier show was held on December 12, 2018 and what a phenomenal start to our new media platform! Our FB live video of that night now has over 1.3K views. Be sure to watch us on YouTube and give us a thumbs up!

Tune in to all of our shows, every 2nd Wednesday of the month promptly at 5:30 pm on CANTV channel 21 or you can stream us live at

Ms. Teena Francois-Blue completed her 3-part series on breast cancer disparities in Chicago. We also discussed the importance of grassroots organizations in the provision of services that support patients, survivors, and caregivers. Organizations, like the LIVE Today Foundation, that refuses to work in silos, will be instrumental in pulling together limited resources in order to respond to the needs of the masses.

Watch the latest video below, or see our previous videos.

You’re beautiful … still.

Take yourself out for a walk on the beach.

Thanks to Juzo and Amoena for their partnership!

Celebrate life today.

Be kind to yourself.

Thanks to EVL, patients can LIVE Today and Envision Life tomorrow!

You’re a double survivor!

We’re in this together.

Thanks to the Tatisa C Joiner Foundation for their patient support network!

LIVE Today!

The LIVE Today Foundation is proud to support our fellow breast cancer and lymphedema survivors! Thanks to our wonderful partners, we are able to aspire with you for your highest quality of life. We are on your team!

Treatment is Essential

Treatment for lymphedema survivors is not optional. It is essential. When survivors are forced to struggle without treatment, symptoms and quality of life worsen. For survivors who cannot afford lymphedema treatment right now, we would be honored to send you a set of beautiful, effective compression garments to help manage your lymphedema symptoms. Let us know of your need, and someone from our team of volunteers will contact you. We’ll teach you how to measure yourself for an effective fit and much more. When you receive your compression garments, send us a pic! We’d love to show you off rocking your glove and/or sleeve!

We believe that your healthcare experience can be joyful and transformative, and we want to help you LIVE in that reality. From your selfcare (yes, you staying mindful of yourself and caring for yourself) to your positive interactions with your healthcare team to your intimate relationships, we want to help you implement your best health strategy. Join the conversation or email questions for us to answer and share anonymously.

You are Beautiful … STILL!

Oftentimes, understandably, your body image takes a hit on your survivor’s journey. With the urgency of a breast cancer diagnosis, your psychosocial needs can easily be overlooked. The LIVE Today Foundation has created a safe space to be vulnerable about your difficult feelings related to breast cancer and lymphedema—loss of self-esteem, decreased sense of sexiness, inadequacy in womanhood, etc. Let us help you restore that sparkle. Join the conversation or email questions for us to share anonymously.

Join the LIVE Today Movement!

Here’s how it works:

  • Love yourself and others.
  • Inspire those around you.
  • Voice your dreams and ambitions.
  • Enjoy life every day.

Share your experience with us.
For many of us, LIVEing every day takes practice. So, take it slow. Be patient with yourself. Take one letter at a time. How did you Love yourself today? What did you say when you finally Voiced your secret ambition? Share a piece of your LIVE Today survivor story! We would love to feature you. Your testimonial has the power to encourage others who need a glimmer of hope.

A Note to our Loved Ones and Supporters
The number of survivors with lymphedema is both hidden and astounding, and the need in communities of color is higher than national averages. Will you consider helping us tackle this enormous public health challenge?